Quality is what matters most

Our passion is the burning fuel that keeps our dominant presence in Kathmandu jewellery market. There are no shortcuts or cutting corners when it comes to delivering our service. Sense of utmost satisfaction and appreciation from our clients are our reward. Every order is treated with sincere and serious rumination to make it the best addition to your existing collection. Gems Arts & Jewellery wants you to take pride in what you own and we put every ounce of effort to make it happen.

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We are very passionate about our creations. They are fruits of our loin and we make sure that each of them stands out in the crowd. Let it be a talk of the party or the reason of jealousy…….. let it be yours!

Why would you put it on your body if it does not enhance your personality, right?

We have dedicated our skills for decades to create a masterpiece each time with every single product. We go through rigorous process of creating, finishing, inspecting and ensuring guaranteed satisfaction before handing it to our valuable clients. It is very important for us that our clients feel good and satisfied wearing our product. Gems Arts & Jewellery believes in forming a warm relationship with our esteemed clients and intend to keep it for eternity.

Gems Arts & Jewellery has been serving esteemed clients from every walk of life for more than decades and successfully maintaining this ambient relationship with each of them. Once you walk in to our store, we ensure that you get what you are looking for and you get them authentic and at the right price. The philosophy of our business is to make you happy while you are with us!

Only Genuine Materials

Quality Over Quantity

Studious process and whole lots of love is what goes into every piece of jewellery that conceives in our arthouse.

Quality Over Quantity

Unrivalled craftsmanship that guarantees unique artistic piece.

Your Happiness Matters

At Gems Arts & Jewellery Kathmandu, we treat you and your need with utmost respect. Our best artisans create one of a kind jewelleries to make you feel proud of wearing them. We want you to be happy with our work and relationship!

Best Business Practice

We are blessed with loyal and satisfied clients for decades and we are very grateful for every one of them. Our business practice is very simple - provide sincere service and genuine products and the best price.

Customized Art Products

Clients are welcome to bring their desired designs or could select from our catalogue of innumerable designs. We will advise to the best of our knowledge to make the right decision every time when our client deemed necessary. Your satisfaction is always our number one priority!

Simple Process

Gems Arts & Jewellery always puts you and your needs first! Either it be buying, exchanging or selling, we provide very personable and hassle free service. We will take care of your every jewellery related need with utmost care. You are very important for us!

Enjoy Your Events

Jewellery represents your personality and taste for fine commodity within your social circle. It could be a talk of the party for that evening. Who wouldn't be proud to be admired by near and dear ones? We would love to provide you with such art piece and be part of your proud moment.

Love Your Life

Jewelleries are not expenses but truly they are investments. It displays your riches during social events in better times and it helps you to overcome bad financial situation while in worse times.