Twin Eye Diamonds Blue Sapphire Gold Ring

A ring on the finger is worth two on the phone.

Gems Arts & Jewellery, Kathmandu.

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Twin Eye Diamonds Blue Sapphire Gold Ring consists of a couple of intense royal blue sapphires as the center stones along with two diamonds on the eye shaped extensions at the either sides of the gold ring head.
Sapphires are considered a symbol of power, royalty, wisdom and intimacy. Blue sapphires have been treasured by royal families around the world for centuries. Sapphire are renowned for their allure and range of blues. 
The color blue immediately comes to mind when imagining a gorgeous sapphire gemstone. Some of the most romantic historical facts about sapphires and its connections with royals of different parts of the world are:
  1. Catherine II of Moscow’s crown is adorned with Ceylon Sapphire
  2. Prince Albert gave the Ceylon blue sapphire brooch to Queen Victoria on the eve of their wedding
  3. Prince William presented Diana’s renowned engagement ring to Kate Middleton to propose her

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